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Waste to Energy

Tailings to Magnet


We want to make a sustainable world by providing greener products,

where future generations can share a better place to live.

“The global dream of achieving a low-carbon economy would be impossible without rare-earth permanent magnets. By 2030, its demand will be 14-fold for EV applications alone. But the current scenario shows that more than 90% of this magnet production is concentrated in a specific part of the world which keeps outsiders under high supply risk, longer lead times, and price demand.”

At GreenAge, we are offering 3D printed rare earth magnets made from mining waste for Electric Vehicles and Wind Turbine markets. We offer greener, flexible and cost-effective components with lower lead times by holding the whole value chain from free raw materials to end products. This eliminates the supply risk among the markets, meanwhile, reducing the negative effects for mining players.

Fully Integrated Value Chain

From raw materials to end permanent magnet products, offering Lower lead times and supply chain security

Greener Products

30% energy savings and 50% carbon reduction

Flexible Shapes

Application of additive manufacturing to produce flexible magnet shapes, using digital inventories, and on-demand production system

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